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Christmas Gifts, Part I {Dish Towel: No Sew}

Since I became a predominately stay-at-home mom, I’ve done better than expected adjusting to just having Daddy B’s income, but I really struggle with gifts because it isn’t a gift to me if I didn’t somehow get the gift myself… financially. As a result I’ve stressed myself out the past two years making gifts. I …

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My “Happy Journal” {And the Key to Happiness}

I have been keeping my “happy journal” for the past 10 years at the suggestion of an old friend of mine. It is the opposite of the typical journal where you write all of the events in your life- good and bad- that occur. I found that while typical journaling help me get “out” the bad …

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DIY Good Job Jar

The Good Job Jar: I suggest this to clients to help them get their children to do chores and other activities around the house with as little arguing as possible. I saw the idea recently on Pinterest, but therapists have been using this for some time… I like to use this in therapy groups and …

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