Daddy B Fixed the Basement Steps

Baby G loves those nice concrete steps down to our basement… Nothing like practicing your walking/climbing skills on 9 steep concrete steps. Daddy B took an old pressure mounted gate and squeezed a few boards on each side (screwing the boards together) so it would work for these stairs. It’s not perfect and I’m sure … Read more

Toddler Chores

I think kids should help out and have regular chores, but I’ve been unsure how to start this and when, in regards to Baby G’s age. It’s hard still because obviously he doesn’t always do what I want, how I want it. He has, however, sort of fallen into a couple of “chores” by virtue … Read more

Baby Proofing: Wall Anchors

Daddy B hates installing these things, but Baby G is an adventurer and loves to climb. He’s pretty clever about it, pulling out drawers to step on like a ladder to get to the top. Bureaus and other furniture are a huge risk around kids like him because they WILL tip onto your child, something … Read more

DIY Board Book of Favorite Things & People

How to make a favorite things board book for your child. Teach your child new words using this! You can tweak this and make a custom board book for whatever your needs. To help Baby G be more interested in books and reading, as well as to teach him some new words, the person from … Read more

Pool Noodle Door Stop to Protect Kids from Themselves

An alternative use for pool noodles… these work very well as a door stop to keep kids from slamming doors on their fingers! Saw this idea on Pinterest and I decided to use it on our playroom door because Baby G keeps slamming the door. Works like a charm and it was easy to do. … Read more

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