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Baby proofing Sliding Glass Door, Part II

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Remember my post a while back about baby proofing our sliding glass door thanks to our escape artist 2.5 year old?

Well in the long run, those items were just not strong enough against his super powers so we needed an alternative. We’d long since taken the bar off our door because he knew how to take it off.

It wasn’t too much of an issue because we ended up padlocking our gates out back so he can’t get out (yeah, it’s that bad- my little Houdini).

Now we’ve got a small above ground pool though and so we wanted to lock the sliding door so he can’t let himself out without us knowing it. It’s shallow enough for him to stand in, but he can’t swim so I’d hate to have an accident.

As a result, my father-in-law and husband decided to move the bar on the door up higher and flipped it upside down so now G can’t reach it to open the door. It seems like it will work fine and it was a free solution.

The only problem is that you have to put screw holes in the door but I’m comfortable with that, especially as most of the baby proofing items also require putting screws in the door.

Sharing is caring!