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Frozen Summer Snacks

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Healthy Frozen Summer Snacks: Frozen Grapes and Frozen Bananas

I’ve been having a rotting banana problem because they’ve been going bad really fast recently… But my son loves bananas so we need to keep them in stock. So I looked up how to freeze bananas and I did my first batch the other day to see how he liked them. I’m calling it banana ice cream. He loves them!

I cut the bananas into smaller pieces… halves lengthwise and then cut into two or three pieces per half. Then I freeze flat on a piece of parchment paper or such in the big freezer. Once they’re frozen, I put them all in a big ziplock bag and store in the kitchen freezer so he can grab some whenever he wants.

We also keep frozen grapes in our freezer. Can you tell we shop in bulk? 
These make great summer treats!

Sharing is caring!