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S’Mores Party: Ideas for a Fun Outdoor Evening Birthday Party!

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How to make custom s’more party invitations, thank you cards, and envelopes for your child’s birthday! Perfect for a camp out party!

I created these party invitations with my son’s help. He had a very specific idea about what he wanted for his invitations and s’mores parties aren’t exactly Amazon worthy. We couldn’t find what we wanted. There all places to write down all of the important information, but everything else prints out, saving you a bit of time and effort! You could fill these in digitally if you open the PDF in software that will allow this.

Get the Printable S’mores Bundle!

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S’Mores Party Invitations

S'mores party birthday invitation printable.

S’Mores Party Envelopes

These envelopes will work for both the thank you cards and the invitations. You NEED CARDSTOCK or a thicker printer paper for these.

Paper weights are measured in pounds (lbs) and it really relates to how thick the paper is. If both papers are made out of the same materials and are the same size, but one is 100lbs and one is 80lbs, the 100lb paper is 25% heavier. This means the 100lb paper is thicker paper. Cardstock ranges from 65-110 lbs.

I used 110 lb cardstock for my envelopes.

I can also tell you that 20 lb. paper is really thin… I didn’t really pay attention to paper weights until recently, but I accidentally purchased a higher weight paper in bulk and really liked it.

The next time I ran out, I replaced it with what I found in the store- 20 lbs… and it is crazy the difference that it makes. Needless to say, now I’m wondering if I’d be better off keeping different weights.

Printable folding envelope to go with the s'more themed cards.

S’Mores Party Thank You Cards

I LOVE fill in the blank thank you cards. They’re a great way to teach young children how to write thank you cards, but they remove the pain point of writing the full card. I don’t necessarily think that there’s value in writing THE WHOLE LETTER so it’s good to teach them to write the important bits. They’ll be able to figure the whole letter thing out as they get older, based on what they saw in these types of cards early on. And you’re creating a routine of thank you card writing.

Thank you card for a s'mores themed birthday party. Includes easy to fill out sections for the gift and names.

S’Mores Mix Kit

I bought these cute little bakery bags, decorated them, and filled them with mini marshmallows, a mix of chocolate and graham flavor Teddy Grahams, and chocolate chips. I mixed the stuff together in a big bowl, then used a soup ladle to transfer them into the bags.

Favors for a s'mores themed birthday party.

To decorate them, I used Smart Sticker Cardstock with my Cricut Maker 3. I used pens on my white Smart Sticker Cardstock and stuck little pink hearts onto the white stickers. Then I transferred the entire white sticker to my bakery bags.

Using Cricut Smart Sticker Cardstock for a label for the favors for the birthday party.

S’Mores Party Favors

Here are some fun ideas for s’mores party favors:

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Printable s'mores birthday party bundle for a s'mores themed party. Includes custom envelope, thank you card, and invitations.

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