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Sewing a Painting Apron

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A DIY Painting Apron

Sew an easy painting apron to avoid ruining clothes while painting furniture or artwork. This was a pretty quick project and I love the results!

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I have ruined so many clothes while trying to paint. I’ve saved a few mostly ruined outfits to paint in but they are all winter weather outfits and it is SO HOT right now. I’ve got a ton of projects to paint so I decided to whip up a quick apron to put over my clothes.

I usually paint furniture or the walls and I’m usually limited on time so I always make a huge mess. I hope this helps!


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I made another post about sewing aprons (with a video tutorial) and included a free pattern. You can get the pattern by subscribing below:

Tutorial for a Handmade Apron

I laid a kitchen apron on top of my fabric and cut the shape out- I added a bit of a seam allowance and quite a bit of extra length.

Old apron design.

Once that was cut out, I serged around my entire apron.

I made some straps for the neck and waist areas. I used coordinating fabric and serged them.I sewed the straps on. I like the look of the white serging around the waist.

Waist strap sewn onto apron.

Next I added the Monet fabric around the neckline. It covers up the area the straps attached.

I added a couple of pockets. One is thin and long for paintbrushes.

To finish it all, I added my Monet quote- it is PERFECT for this apron. My only wish is that I’d made the apron wider in the chest area to get better coverage for my shirt.

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Love this DIY painting apron.
Awesome handmade apron for painting.

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