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Seasonal Clothing Storage and Organization

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Tricks for organizing seasonal clothes.

How to organize seasonal clothing for your whole family. Tips and tricks for making this process as painless as possible.

I like to separate out our seasonal clothing. It keeps our closets and drawers from looking too cluttered and it helps make it easier to find the clothes I want. Also, I have to separate my sons’ clothes because otherwise they’ll wear shorts and tank tops in 30 degree Fahrenheit weather. I have a detailed tutorial on how I organize the kids’ clothes in their closets, but today I’m going to get into how I organize all of our seasonal clothes.

I like to go through the clothes each season to make sure things fit and are being worn. If not, they can be donated, sold, handed down, or upcycled. I’ll talk more about upcycling clothing in a future post in this series.

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Packing Away Winter Clothes 

My secret? Our guest room closet. I know, it’s not the BEST place ever, but we have closet space in there that is under utilized. Nobody ever uses a guest room closet, do they?

We put our winter clothes in there and also put our boxes with hats, mittens, and such.

We also have bins for the kids clothing… they’re big wire bins that I got from Ikea and they fit SO MUCH stuff. There’s a drawer for each child’s seasonal clothing. They also have a bin to place outgrown clothing so I can pack those away to hand down when I have enough.

For 2-piece children’s snow suits, I add snaps to hold the pieces together. This keeps them together so I don’t accidentally lose one part of the set.

Snaps added to a snowsuit to keep it together while stored for the summer months.

Packing Away Summer Clothes

I discovered this really fun trick this year when I went to pack away our summer clothes. I needed a place to hide them. I was tired of having all of my clothes out all of the time. So I roll up the clothing and place in a spare suitcase. Then they’re ready for me to go through when I’m packing for someplace balmy in the winter… or to take out when the seasons change.

Storing Winter Clothing by the Door

You’ll see our built-in entry area later this month, but we have nice bins that we use on the shelves. We fill those bins with our mittens, hats, and scarves. I also love using an over the door shoe organizer to hold mittens, hats, and scarves in the closet. 

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How to organize seasonal clothing. Tips for organizing winter and summer clothes for your whole family.

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