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How to Organize Children’s Clothes

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The Ultimate Guide to organizing your child's closet!

Kid friendly closet organization: how to organize children’s clothes so they can dress themselves and help put away laundry.

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What does “Kid Friendly” Closet Organization Mean?

While this may have different meanings for different people, it’s important for me that my kids help with chores. I organize the kids’ closets so they can put away their own clean clothing, put dirty clothing in the laundry bin, and so they can dress themselves in seasonally appropriate clothes.

This means the kids need to be able to reach the clothing they need and it needs to be EASY for them to put away. We use bins that they can throw their clothing in or fold, if they chose. All pants go in one bin, all short sleeve shirts go in one bin, shorts and bathing suits go in another bin, etc.

How to Organize Children’s Clothes


Our organization system for kids closets.

We can swap out warm weather vs cool weather clothes onto the lower shelves.

Danielle talking about organizing children's clothes with baskets.

1. Print your free printable from

2. Cut out your labels.

free printables shown being printed.

3. Add labels to laminating pouch.

4. Send pouch through laminator.

free printables for childrens organizing through laminator

5. Cut out your laminated labels, making sure to leave a laminate edge around edge.

6. Punch a hole for your ribbon.

cutting out laminated printables for organizing childrens clothing

7. Add a ribbon and tie a label to each of the bins.

8. Place the seasonally appropriate clothing lower on shelves.

laminated tags hanging from clothing bins

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Our organization system for the kids closets. Photos of bins with labels that say shirts, pants, etc.

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