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Reversible Halloween & Easter Treat Bag

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Halloween bag laying on it's side: Puppies, Candy Corn, Spiders & Spider Web Fabric.

How to make a reversible bag for Halloween and Easter. This easy to sew project is perfect for cutting down on seasonal storage.

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I made my older sons their own Easter baskets and Halloween bags a long time before my third son came along. For Easter this year. Tristan used this braided Easter basket, but the basket was really better for decor as it’s a bit small.

Seeing as his first “real” Halloween is coming up, I figured it was time for him to have his own Trick or Treat bag. When I was trying to decide on a design, I realized that it would be AWESOME if the bag could reverse so he could use it twice a year. It seems like otherwise it’s a lot of extra stuff to store separate bags and baskets.

This is PERFECT. I love how it came out and it was a quick and easy sew.

How to Make a Reversible Halloween Trick or Treat Bag and Easter Basket


Making Your Bag

Cut your Halloween fabric 17.25″ tall x 22″ wide. Repeat with Easter fabric. My Easter fabric is a mix of fabrics because I didn’t have enough of the Easter design for the whole bag. I simply sewed coordinating pieces of fabric into one long piece of fabric that was 17.25 x 22.”

Piecing together Easter fabric with coordinating green fabric.

I quilted a piece of batting onto the Easter fabric.

Quilting on batting for the Easter fabric.

Fold you fabric right sides together and sew along the long side and bottom.

Folded the fabric right sides together, sewed the long side and the bottom.

Once you create the bag shape, you need to pinch each side of the bottom. Then sew across at the 2″ mark. This is how you create the boxy style bottom of the bag.

Creating the boxy bottom to the bag. Sewed at 2" in.

Cut off the excess from the triangle. Repeat with the other side… the bottom will look like this.

Cutting off the excess triangle.

Repeat with the other fabric.

Repeated with both the Easter and the Halloween fabric.

Turn one bag piece right sides out, then sandwich the other bag piece inside it. This puts their wrong sides together…. just like they’ll be in the finished bag.

I had to trim a little off both tops so they were perfectly even.

The Easter fabric pieces tucked wrong sides together with the Halloween fabric.

At this point, you want to sew your coordinating bias tape on the top. This bias tape goes over both the inside and outside. Here’s a tutorial on how to sew on bias tape properly.

As you can see in the photo below, you aren’t just folding it over and sewing it on. You start by placing the one edge against the raw edge and sewing along the fold. Use a straight stitch.

Sewing bias tape on the bags.

You want to fold over the first edge. Then when you finish going all the way around, your end of the bias tape will be tucked behind the front.

Bias tape being sewn on.

Now you can fold the bias tape over the other side and sew a straight stitch around.

Sewing the bias tape on the reversible bag.

You want to cut two pieces of bias tape that are 12″ long. These are your handles and you want one on each side. I placed each side of the handle about 2.25″ from the side seam.

Attaching the straps. They're 2.25" in from side seam.

Sew the handle on… I did a little half X with a rectangle around it.

Straps attached with a rectangle and half x.

Now you are done. You can flip the bag Easter side or Halloween side out! Perfect for doing double duty for both holidays and there should be enough time between the holidays for you to polish off the last of the candy that the kids didn’t like.

As you can see, the reversible fabrics can be seen from above.

I worried that the bag was a bit tall, but my experience has been that a tall bag is good for collecting Easter eggs. The kids are also less likely to spill candy out of a taller bag.

Halloween bag that is reversible to turn into an Easter bag for the Spring.

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Easter basket on the outside. There's Halloween fabric on the inside to make for a reversible bag.
My son, looking for candy. Alas, it's not Halloween yet!

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