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How to Create a Photo Slide Show with Microsoft Movie Maker

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Easy Photo Slideshows

How to create a photo slideshow with Microsoft Movie Maker. Super easy.

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I’ve been working a lot with Movie Maker, particularly where I just finished my September Grab & Go Gift Series, so I wanted to give a quick demo to show how you can use it to create a simple slideshow of photos (or video). It’s really simple to use and it came free on my Windows 10 laptop so I like it.

This is going to be a pretty simple tutorial. I think if you’re tech savvy then this might be too simplistic for you and you could figure it out simply by opening the program, but this post is for those who need a quick and easy run down on how to use some simple features.

This would be great for making a slide show to put on a DVD or to stream from your laptop to TV for an event (wedding, funeral, etc). Slideshows are just a fun way to keep memories stored so you can look through them quickly.

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  • Movie Maker
  • Photos scanned onto your computer 

Video Tutorial

I put this all on video because I figured it’s easier to show than explain.

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Learn how to make a photo slideshow.

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