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How to Sew- or No Sew- A Nursing Shawl (Nursing Cover)

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How to make an easy nursing cover or nursing shawl.

How to make an easy nursing shawl. These are an awesome and attractive alternative to nursing cover. Even the novice seamstress can sew one. Can’t sew? You can even make this without a sewing machine!

It is baby season and I have a lot of friends pregnant right now. I love to give thoughtful, handmade gifts so I decided to make nursing covers for my friends who were planning to breastfeed. I found a great pattern for a nursing shawl and made one for everyone I knew.  I used to have the pattern linked, but the original blog has since been shut down. So I updated my post so you can all make one of these for yourselves!

This is one of the simplest items I’ve ever made, it’s super soft, light, and comfortable, and it is unique. I think these could easily double as a cute cover up for cooler weather, even if you don’t breastfeed!

I’m putting my photo tutorial first, but there’s a video tutorial at the end if you prefer!

Supplies for a Breastfeeding Shawl
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Tutorial: Nursing Shawl

Cut your fabric. I folded my fabric right sides together, cutting the fabric 32″ Long x 38″ Width. This makes the overall cut of fabric 64″ x 38″ (because it’s folded in half). This size is fairly large so you could definitely size this down if you wanted.

Marking off your 13" neckline for the shawl.

At this point your fabric should be folded right sides together. On the right side, started at the fold, pin 13″ up from the fold. This is where you neck opening will be. YOU DO NOT SEW HERE.

Option 1: Sewing
Sew the area from the last pin, all the way to the end of that side. This is it. You only sew the 19″, leaving the 13″ open (32″-13″= 19″ of sewing).

You can sew a straight stitch or use a serger to make it look pretty. It doesn’t matter because knit fabric doesn’t fray. No worries!

Option 2: No Sew

Instead of sewing, you could also use hem tape or an iron on fusing material. Or fabric glue. Or iron on hook and loop. Whatever you use to close it, you will just use it to replace the sewing to close the material off for those 19″.

Once you’re finished, you just flip the cover right sides out and you’re done! Very very easy!

Turn your fabric right sides out.

Video Tutorial for a Breastfeeding Cover

Not quite sure you understood the pictures and description? Check out this video to explain it more thoroughly.

I also made some nursing pads to go with the gift. The tutorial for the nursing pads can be found here.

Thanks for reading!

How to Make a Sew or No Sew Breastfeeding Cover: Quickly and Easily!

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Wednesday 31st of July 2013

Your head goes between the folded edge and the sewn part. :) The folded edge provides the privacy on that side.

That being said, there's a little more that shows on one side than the other I think.


Tuesday 30th of July 2013

Hi Danielle,Just to confirm... On one arm hangs the folded edge of the fabric & next to it is the neck hole. What about the fabric on which hangs on the other arm. Does that too get stitched? If not, does it provide the required privacy?


Friday 19th of July 2013

Awesome! Feel free to post a link to the picture, I'd love to see it! :0)

Stephanie Herrnkind

Thursday 18th of July 2013

i made one... so quick and easy. cost me $5. wish i could post a picture. i couldnt find a knit material so i found what i thought might be knit. its see through some but not enough to matter and its sooo thin and light and breezy. and soft and comfy.


Saturday 27th of April 2013

Awesome! Good luck! I think it's among the easiest coolest things I've made... which is why EVERYONE may be receiving one of these for baby showers! :)