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25 Simple Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That You Can DIY

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Collage of three mother's day gifts diy

Make a thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift for Mom with these quick and easy DIY ideas.

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Aw Mother’s Day is almost here! It’s a great time to say ‘thanks for putting up with me’ to your mom. Let’s be real though… this year, I know many of us are worried about our mothers. Mom has been through a LOT in 2020!

I have been trying to puzzle out some cute gift ideas for my mother who lives in Texas. And finding the RIGHT gift is important to me. Homemade gifts are like long distance hugs thanks to all of the love and time we put into them.

If you have some time and want to make something for your mom, here are some fantastic ideas!

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas That You Can DIY

Make a handmade gift for Mother's Day that she will cherish for years to come with these simple DIY gift ideas.

If your wife is asking for a Cricut (smart woman) you can read these tips for buying your her a Cricut. Don’t forget a card for Mom.

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