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How to Make a Yoga Mat Carrier

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No Sew Yoga Mat Carrier

How to make a yoga mat carrier from upcycled yoga pants… this is a quick and easy solution so you can keep your mat clean and stored. No sewing required!

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I love to upcycle clothing so they won’t go to waste. I’ve made braided baskets, cloth diapers, angel gowns, and more with old clothes.

When I can’t donate or sell clothes, upcycling is my first choice.

Now I’ve been wishing I had a yoga mat bag for a while, but I’ve been keen on making one so I didn’t drop the money. Being under the weather, however, means that I haven’t felt much like spending hours sewing something. I decided to do a quick and easy upcycle for this project and it worked PERFECTLY.

I purchased a couple of pairs of yoga pants online that just didn’t stand up well to wear and tear. They had some tears along the inner seam and you can only sew something so many times to fix it before you don’t have enough fabric left to fit around your thighs. So I decided these pants would be a perfect option for my DIY yoga mat holder. They were knit fabric so they wouldn’t need to be sewn and it would be super quick to make this.

  • Old yoga pants
  • Scissors


Start by laying out your yoga pants. Iron if needed.

You’ll cut vertical cuts along the bottom of your pant leg. Then you tie them shut. This creates the bottom of your yoga mat bag.

Cut vertical cuts and tie along the bottom of the pant leg.

Now you want to cut under the yoga pants waist band and up the inner seam of your pants.

Cut off the pant leg of the upcycled yoga pants.

Make vertical cuts along the top here and tie as well.

Cut vertical cuts and tie together for the top.

You can then cut an opening at the top of the bag to use as a handle. I had to cut small, then enlarge a bit so it wouldn’t be too small to comfortable hang over my shoulder.

Hole strap, cut.

Embellish as desired.

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DIY Yoga Mat Bag: No Sew from Old Yoga Pants

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