Laundry Room: Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches: Laundry Room I embroidered a tag for my laundry detergent with matching fabric. Clothespin Bag Here’s my four pieces of fabric for the clothespin bag.  Note that you want the bag to be wide enough to fit a baby hanger inside… or whatever you’re using for the hanger. Otherwise the size of the … Read more

Laundry Room Updates

Mmmm my laundry room… I spend a lot of time in there and I want it to look gorgeous darnit! On the left is my laundry room before we moved in. Kinda sparse huh? What you can’t see is there’s a realllllly high wire shelf that I can barely reach. Not super attractive and unless … Read more

DIY Cheap, Quick, and Easy Bathroom Update

If you don’t regularly follow my blog, we just moved to a house and we now have 3 full bathrooms and one half bath. I’ve been trying to fill this house with all my belongings from the 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo I lived in before and it’s expensive. I’m trying to save some money, but … Read more

DIY Wall Art: No Sew

How to create beautiful artwork for your home, using just a staple gun, fabric, and a blank art canvas. I needed art to stage my condo for resale, but couldn’t really afford to buy the amount of art necessary to do a good job. I thought about painting canvases myself, but I wasn’t confident in … Read more

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