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15+ Halloween Costumes to Dress up with Your Pet

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15+ Halloween Costume ideas if you want to dress up with your pet. Dog costumes, cat costumes, horse costumes, and people costumes!

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It’s Halloween costume time! Are you excited yet? I am! I’ve been DIY’ing costumes like crazy around here. My oldest son requested to be a police officer and decided daddy will be “under arrest.”

I decided to dress up the dog to match our youngest son’s costume. They’re going to be Zuma and Ryder from Paw Patrol! I’m so excited! I still need to decide on my own costume, but we haven’t hit October yet so I’m not panicking- yet. I’m thinking I might try an adult costume for Everest. It’s fun to have someone to dress up with- whether it be your pet, your partner, your whole family, or your child.

I decided that pet and people costume combinations are just TOO CUTE so I put together a round up of Halloween costume combos! Enjoy!

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1. Ryder and Zuma from Paw Patrol

Are your kids Paw Patrol fans? This costume set is perfect for a pal and his pup. That adoring look? It’s all about the sandwich.

DIYDanielle has her dog dressed up as Zuma and her son as Ryder from Paw Patrol. This makes an easy and sensory friendly Halloween costume!
Ryder / Zuma

2. Fox Costumes: How cute are these matching fox costumes?

3. Horse and Jockey: This dog certainly looks big enough to ride! What a perfect costume!

4. Holmes and Watson: Super cute!

5. Disney’s Up Characters: Okay so I couldn’t find anyone dressing up with their dog from this movie, but figured this would be a SUPER easy costume to DIY and wouldn’t petrify your dog. Plus the costumes are ABSOLUTELY easy and fun to DIY.

Just make a cool collar, maybe with a little recorder on it that has movie sound clips on it from Dug. Your dog won’t even know he’s dressed up.Check out this one that I found on YouTube!

6. Snow White: Ahhhhh this Snow White themed family set is just too cute!

7. Minions: Um Minions?! Yessss! BANANA!

How sweet are these two little Minions!
Private submission

Costumes on Amazon to make it happen:

8. Maiden and Unicorn: If you’re lucky enough to have a horse to dress up, I say go for it! These matching costumes are the thing of my childhood dreams. 

9. Duck Dynasty: They have a TON of cute costumes on their blog so go check them out!  

Duck Dynasty costumes with dog.

10. Star Wars Family: With these costumes off Amazon, the whole family can dress up like characters from Star Wars.

11. Pokemon: Ash and Pikachu: Pokemon is cool again, yay!

12. Lilo and Stitch: Apparently no dogs were harmed in the photographing of the Stitch costume because they definitely used a stuffed dog for the pictures, haha.

13. Ghostbusters: Who you gonna call?! GHOSTBUSTERS!


Here’s a couple of other costumes you’ll want to check out:

14. A Bee and Her Keeper

15. Mario, Luigi and The Chain Chomps: This is such a cool idea and doesn’t look too difficult! And it incorporates a leash which is nice!  

16. The Avengers: This may be the cutest herd of corgis I’ve ever seen.SUCH a cute costume idea if you’ve got a lot of dogs!

What do you think? Have you ever dressed
up for Halloween with your pet?

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Love to dress up in costumes for Halloween with your favorite four legged companion(s)? This post has 15+ Halloween costume ideas so you can coordinate costumes with your dog, horse, and other family.

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Saturday 8th of September 2018

Ok, I can’t with the characters from Up. That is amazing. If only my dog were a golden! His fur is black. I’ll have to get creative…

Thanks for sharing! -Brittaney

Skipper the Dachshund

Friday 9th of October 2015

Where is Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund?


Thursday 15th of October 2015

Just added Crusoe :) Thanks for allowing me to use your picture! I put the link back to your site. :)