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How to Make Your Face Mask More Comfortable

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Tips for how to make your face mask more comfortable, particularly if the elastic is hurting your ears. This quick DIY is a GAME CHANGER!

Masks aren’t always comfortable, but right now we need to wear them for work, school, and other outings. I’ve tried a few different mask styles, and have been experimenting to see what is easiest to get on and off, what is most comfortable, and I also like to make masks that are cute.

Here are some ideas to make your mask more comfortable, as well as a quick DIY that you can do to fix your masks!

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Tips for Making Your Mask More Comfortable

The breathability is going to vary depending on the mask, but masks with two layers of cotton woven fabric are supposed to be better at protecting you and the people around you. Three layers of cotton, however, may decrease breathability with only a slight improvement in protection. You may be able to breath better with some masks, but they may negate the purpose of wearing them if they don’t work.

I have asthma so I understand when people complain about having difficulty breathing with these on. I try to make sure I use my rescue inhaler before wearing a mask for an extensive period, particularly if I’ll be doing a lot of movement/exercise.

While overall masks won’t kill us to wear them, I think it’s also important to make them as comfortable as possible while maintaining the protection they offer. We still need more research about what is most effective and comfortable, but I’ve been tempted to get these mask support frames that go under the mask. They may help keep you from sucking the mask into your mouth as you breath (if you’re a mouth breather) and make you feel a bit less claustrophobic with the mask on.

I’m guessing the frames may also help keep the mask from fogging up your glasses, but I haven’t tried it.

The most uncomfortable part of wearing a mask, in my opinion, is having the elastic rub against your ears. There are a few ways to improve this.

  • If you make your own masks, experiment with different thicknesses and types of elastic. Some people use a knit fabric such as t-shirt fabric for the ear bands. If you purchase masks, don’t buy a bunch from one company. Buy a few different brands and see which is most comfortable.
  • Wear a mask that has bands that go around the back of the head, instead of around your ears.
  • If you have kids or use masks during a sport, consider breakaway bands for your mask.
  • Wear hair pins and attach your ear bands to them.
  • Use a button band or headband that you can attach the ear loops to, instead of placing the bands around your ears.
  • Add buttons to a hat to hold the ear bands… see the tutorial below!

DIY: Buttons to Hold Your Mask


  • Any Hat!
  • Button (2)
  • Needle & Thread


  1. Put your hat on. Hold your mask over your face to find where the ear elastic comfortably touches your hat.

2. Mark where your fingers are. Remove hat.

Marking where the button needs to be placed on the hat.

3. Thread your needle.

4. Sew your button on.

Sewing on a button to each side of the hat.

5. Repeat on the other side.

6. Put your hat on, and then your mask. Loop your ear loops around the buttons rather than your ears.

Final button placement and ear elastic around the button instead of my ear.

Overall this works GREAT. I like this particularly on windy days because the mask keeps my hat from blowing off. Occasionally my hair gets caught in the button which isn’t my favorite, but it’s worth an occasionally issue. I usually have my hair braided so it’s rare.

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How to make your mask more comfortable: One way to do this is to add buttons to a hat and use the buttons to hold your ear elastics!
Tips for making your mask more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

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