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Embroidery Hoop Christmas Sign

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"I love Christmas so much I could lick it" Christmas sign made with an embroidery hoop.

Create a clever Christmas sign using an embroidery hoop, some white and red fabric, and your Cricut machine.

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I decided to use up some of my supplies leftover from my Candy Cane Wreath for today’s project- an embroidery hoop Christmas sign!

This was super easy!


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I started by cutting two squares of my white fabric that were large enough to fit inside the embroidery hoop. I also cut some strips of red fabric to a 2″ width.

The white fabric was cheap/thin so I did two layers- one layer would be fine if your fabric isn’t too thin. You could see through my white fabric with only one layer.

Supplies: Embroidery hoop, red and white fabric.

I pinned my stripes in place, measuring the gap between them to make sure they were approximately 3″ apart.

Pinning the stripes in place to create a candy cane effect.

Sew each strip in place using a straight stitch.

If you want the edges to fray a bit, you can pull a few of the threads.

Fraying the edges of my stripes.

Cut and weed your HTV. Make sure you cut the right SIZE for your hoop.

Now you want to apply your HTV. I put my fabric in the hoop to get an idea on placement. Held it in place, removed hoop, then pressed with my Cricut EasyPress.

Adding HTV to the fabric.

I use a Teflon sheet between my HTV and EasyPress.

The one thing I realized pretty quick was that any vinyl over a fringe didn’t stick quite as well. It’s on there, but it wouldn’t probably stay on if I was washing it. No big deal because it’s decor, not clothing.

If you’re worried about it, you may want to consider placing your HTV different or you could use fabric paint instead of fabric strips of fabric to create the candy cane effect.

Using a teflon sheet over the HTV to press.

Once you’ve finished applying the HTV per the instructions from Cricut, place your fabric back in the hoop and use another strip of the red fabric to add a loop to hang it.

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DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Sign: I love Christmas so much I could lick it!

Sharing is caring!