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25 Clever And Creative DIY Kids Toy Storage Ideas

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DIY Kids Toy Storage Ideas that you can make! It gets expensive to buy toy storage and sometimes those products aren’t quite what you want or need. Here’s some easy DIY Kids Toy Storage Ideas.

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I think I speak for most moms here when I say that the post Christmas cleanup is THE WORST… yet it’s probably the FIRST thing we want to do once the tree comes down and the decorations get put away.

And toy storage is TOUGH. It’s great when it’s labeled because the kids learn to identify letters and words. It helps teach young children how to organize their toys and sort things. For kids with ADHD or just kids who are easily distractible, having items put away can help.

Here are some easy and clever ways to store toys in your playroom, nursery, and throughout your home.

25 Clever And Creative DIY Toy Storage Ideas

Kids toys seem to have a way of completely taking over a room (or house)! This is the best time to get those toys organized, and these DIY toy storage ideas will help you get that done.

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