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Easy, Affordable Toy Storage

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The speech therapist whose been coming to help us work with Baby G on his language development suggested better organizing our toys so he has to request them. She uses big 2 gallon ziplock bags, but I figured upcycled containers would work even better.

I started by upcycling containers from bulk items (ie. animal crackers) at Costco. Just peel off the labels.
I was excited to discover I’d been hoarding… Cough… I mean “storing” priceless treasures such as these empty zippered bags from curtains. If you flip the labels the opposite direction, you even can write on the plain side for an easy label.

You can see the plastic bags on the left there, as well as the containers on the right. Not bad! I’m pretty excited about it all as it was a free storage solution! I love free!

It’s also nice because it keeps all similar pieces together and we can pick up our toys as we play with them (theoretically). Ie. “Before you get to play with Mr. Potato Head, let’s put all of our cars in the bag.” I generally get more cooperation for cleanup when he wants something else so this often works.

Sharing is caring!