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The Best Educational Gifts for Kids

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Fun, Educational Gifts for Children

The BEST educational gifts for kids. From science to language to reading and beyond, check out these fun gift ideas. 

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We get our kids educational gifts every year. I INSIST on it. I think it’s important and I think those gifts can be a lot of fun. These have turned out to be some of my kids’ favorite items.

Here are some fun ideas to add to your shopping list!

1. Subscription Boxes: I LOVE subscription boxes. It’s a gift that keeps giving each month which is fun for the kids. Getting their own packages or letters each month is SO exciting for them. If you order them to get your first box by December, you can wrap the first box up for Christmas.

Here are a few options:

Groovy Lab in a Box: Science Experiment Subscription Box
Groovy Lab in a Box: Science Experiments to Your Door Each Month
Story Box is a subscription service for books! Each box comes with information about the book and activities to do.
Storybox: BOOKS! Beautiful, beautiful books. I love this.
Follow the link to get $6 off your first order.
Join Kiwibop Postcard Pals today for only $3.99 per month
KiwiBop Post Card Pals: This delivery service is for fun postcards.
And it’s really affordable! Kids love mail!
 This would be a great stock stuffer!
The Little Passports subscription box would be a great gift for the holidays!
Little Passports is such a neat program. Save 15% on a subscription.
If your child loves Legos, get them a subscription box to Brick Loot.
Brick Loot: A Lego Subscription service! Click here to get 12% off!
Spangler Science offers monthly subscription boxes for kids interested in science.
Another science box! This one is 40% off the first box until Nov 30!

2. Telescope: My kids LOVE their telescope. There are a lot of options for telescopes on Amazon, some higher tech  than others. We got a fairly affordable children’s telescope initially, but as they get older we’ll purchase something better. Do not go for expensive if they’re young unless you plan to guard it with your LIFE. Haha. Mine love theirs a little too much. If you check out the link, just adjust for the age of your child in the side bar so you get an age appropriate telescope.

Telescopes are a great gift  to get kids engaged in learning about outer space.

3. Microscope: Another fun gift! We have one that they don’t sell anymore.

4. Membership to a Science Center, Aquarium, or Zoo: Another great gift. I love our science center membership because it is reciprocal in other states. Our museum is part of the ASTC Passport Program (click the link to see a list of places that participate). Each museum has their own rules about the reciprocity, but regardless, we tend to save money by having our membership. We have family in New Hampshire and Texas so we use the membership at the Baltimore Science Center, the Science Center in Dover, NH, at the DoSeum in San Antonio, and the Thinkery in Austin.

5. Snap Circuits: We LOVE these and it’s a great way to teach about how circuits work. We actually have a few sets. There’s green energy versions, motion, lights, and more. It’s so much fun! This is their new product for 2016:

Snap Circuits are helpful if you want to teach your children about circuits and how electricity works.

6. A GREAT Language DVD Set: Teaching kids languages early can give them an advantage later on. I’ve used a couple of programs and I really love the Signing Time DVDs for sign language and Whistlefritz for French and Spanish.

7. Books, books, books! Need I say more?! You could get them a Kindle Unlimited Membership for reading. I also love audiobooks to listen to in the car with kids. I’ve recorded my own audiobooks for them to listen to, but I also use audiobooks I buy or borrow from library. You could also try an Audible Subscription.

8. Pretend Play Items: I think pretend play is VERY important to development. Age ages 3-5, my kids are both really interested in pretend play so I try to add to their costume options. Melissa and Doug produce pretty high quality costumes for pretend play so I recommend them.

Pretend play is an important part of a child's learning process.

9. Scribble and Write: My kids both need to work on their writing and this thing had great reviews so we’re going to give it a try. They have tried apps that have them trace with a finger, but it’s just not the same thing as practicing with a writing utensil.

This Scribble and Write toy is really affordable and might be a great way to motivate kids to learn to write.

10. Tickets for Educational (or otherwise just fun!) Events: Keep an eye out for good deals on local tickets to events.

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