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Grocery Bag Storage Holder DIY Woodworking Plan

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Wood grocery bag dispenser hanging on the wall in my mudroom!

How to build a wood grocery bag storage dispenser that is wall mounted. It’s similar to building a simple bird house. What a great way to use scrap wood!

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I’ve made a lot of fabric grocery bag holders. When I had extra feed bags, I even wrote about how to turn those into these dispensers for Mother Earth News. Today I want to show you how to build a bag dispenser from wood.

It’s EASY and a great option for scrap wood.

You’ll need two long pieces for the front and back, two side pieces, and one short piece for the bottom. The top will be open.

Start by taking your front piece and cutting a hole towards the bottom; the tool below is a drill with a hole saw attachment.

There’s a piece of scrap wood underneath to prevent blow out when it comes through the back.

Added a hole to the front piece of wood for a place to pull bags through.

When you finish that, you can use wood glue and brad nails to attach the front to the sides.

Using my Ryobi Airstrike and Titebond wood glue to put together my wood dispenser.

Then you can attach the bottom of the dispenser.

I setup my dispenser hole so the bags will come out the front of this, but you could also consider putting that hole in the bottom.

Three sides added to the dispenser, plus the bottom.

You want to use a piece of thinner scrap wood for the back. Nobody will see it so it doesn’t need to be pretty! I use two drill bits, one bigger than the other, to create holes for hanging this up!

Adding holes for hanging the dispenser.

Then I glued the back piece on and used brad nails to attach it.

Gluing on the piece for the back of the dispenser.

You can finish the dispenser in any way you want! I threw on a quick blast of spray paint to match my laundry room.

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As an alternative to paint, you could always opt to decorate one of these with wood burned design. Here’s my guide to how to get start wood burning.

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Wood grocery bag dispenser with distressed white finish. The hole for the dispenser is in the front.
Wood grocery bag dispenser- You put the bags in at the top, then pull them out at the bottom. Very simple!

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