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The Great Outdoors (Our Yard), Part III: Deck

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We also opted to have someone do our deck. Too many permits required and inspections, and it was just less complicated to have it done. We’d like to do a patio beside it ourselves when we have the time/money. Long Fence did our deck. Baby G spent a lot of time waving to the guys outside. It’s somewhat awkward to have someone working on your deck right in front of your window… eating breakfast feels wayyyyy less private. Haha.

Here it is in its various stages of completion:

Here it is completed… I wish it was setup already, but we still need to pick up some outdoor furniture. I’m trying to be thrifty with that because the deck and fence were such a huge investment, and I’m sure we’ll be trying to save towards a swing set in the near future too. The yard was really wet because not only did it rain recently, the guys power washed the deck after AND apparently my neighbor’s pipes that sent water from their sump pump was broken and spraying water everywhere. The workers let us know and because we haven’t met those neighbors yet, Daddy B just snuck over there and fixed it for them real quick. Awkward, but effective. Our yard has been way wayyyyy drier recently and our sump pumps are running a lot less.

View from upstairs, my guys chilling on the stairs.

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Tuesday 12th of March 2013

Yes! Godric loves being out there... we got him a water table and he's been enjoying that a LOT. :)

Elisabeth (Beth)

Tuesday 12th of March 2013

Wow,it all looks really great! We can't wait to visit it in person. :-) I am sure you can't wait for warm weather to enjoy it properly!