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The Great Outdoors (Our Yard), Part II: Fence

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We hired someone to put in the fence to save time as we wanted to be able to put the dogs out. It was snowing the day they came, but they managed to finish a lot of it before they had to leave, then they returned the next day. We used Mid Atlantic Fence and Deck for our fence. The guys were all super nice, although I didn’t really talk to them much (gosh it was cold outside, I was huddled indoors!).

Here it is in its various stages:

Beautiful cedar fence, on a nicer day!

Willow runs up and down one side (the neighbor’s dog is, I’m assuming, running an equally deep path). Unfortunately it ended up being a mud pit and she was tons of work to clean off. We bought a bale of straw for $8.50 from the local garden store, spread it over the muddy areas, and it’s been very helpful!

Sharing is caring!