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Side Table Updates

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How I distressed the top of my side table to update it.

I’ve been distressing everything recently because the supplies were out and it’s fun. I originally had planned to distress this side table that I picked up at the thrift store and sanded the top, but then my mother-in-law pointed out it’s not real wood so it wouldn’t distress nice.

Discouraged, I’ve been using it as is – complete with the sanded surfaces. Yuck.

I decided to go ahead and distress it this weekend anyways though because it’ll look better than it currently does.

I only did the tops that I’d already sanded- and I REALLY like the look. I did this similar to how I did my other distressing projects (linked below), except I did not distress by sanding before putting the stain on. I skipped that part and just applied stain over the paint and wiped the stain off. Then I used polyurethane.

As this is a side table and will get a lot of use, I opted to do a few coats of poly… First coat on, let it dry, sand lightly, then apply one more coats- allowing them to dry in between of course. You may want to do three coats total, but I wanted this out of my garage so I stopped at two.I highly recommend taping off areas you don’t want to get paint on… I did not and you can tell, but I wasn’t super concerned seeing that I just wanted this project done and I couldn’t find the tape fast enough.

My other distressing projects:

Feel free to share your distressing projects by commenting below! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of distressed furniture. Plus it covers up the damage my toddler does to it. Ha.

Sharing is caring!