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Reversible Toddler Bucket Hat Pattern

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4 in 1: Reversible Toddler Bucket Hat for Baby G

I was really excited to make this. I bought one bucket hat for him, but I couldn’t justify buying more than one as one is “enough”, even if I would like one to match every one of his outfits. I went to one store yesterday and eyeballed the super cute bucket hats they had on sale, but the sale price was $12 or so, if I remember correctly. Ugh. As much as I hate math, I learned an important lesson when I was younger and had just started babysitting. I used to babysit for the 2 yr old boy next door for $1 per hour (it was low, but I was about 10 yrs old with no qualifications). I used to “call Santa” whenever he was naughty because I really had no clue how to discipline him otherwise and he was a rough little guy. Shortly after starting to babysit, I was at a store with my mom and asked her to buy me some cute socks with designs on them. She suggested that I buy them with my babysitting money. I sat there and looked at the $7 pair of socks and evaluated if they were worth 7 hours dealing with the terrible twos. I quickly put them back and didn’t bother my mom about them again. I hope it’s this easy to teach lessons to Baby G as he grows up.

So yesterday I looked at the $12 hat and while I earn substantially more than $1 per hour now, it definitely wasn’t worth that much of my time. I prefer to save my money to spend on fabric.

I enjoy spending time and leftover fabric from other projects on making things! I had this cute fabric- the same that I used for Daddy B’s dopp kitt, and I thought it would make a great formal looking hat. I’m using another fabric I liked that I found in the remnants bin. We like to go to the park a lot so it’s nice to have a few different hats for him to wear when we go. Not necessary, but nice.

This is the tutorial I used, from Sew Much Ado, and it’s excellent. Besides normal “me” stuff, I had a pretty easy time following the tutorial. The hat is supposed to be for a toddler, but Baby G has a huge head like his mom and dad (18.11″ at 6 months old, somewhere in the high 90th percentile) so it still works for him.

I won’t go through all of the steps, but I’ll show you a few of the steps. And a photo-bomb of my super sweet model, Baby G, who happens to be teething on everything (as you can see above).

Zigzagged Edges to help reduce fraying… not sure if it was necessary.

Sharing is caring!

Kate @

Wednesday 25th of April 2012

Let me know if it works. That would be cool!


Tuesday 24th of April 2012

It was really easy to make. I cut out all the pieces probably a month or two ago... and they fell behind my sewing table. I found them yesterday when I went to investigate what was lost in the abyss. It was pretty fast once I seam ripped everything I sewed together wrong, lol. I totally read the instructions wrong at first. The nicest thing is that you can pretty much use smaller scraps... it doesn't take a ton of material. I want to try to make one of these with Pul on one side and cotton on the other... I *think* it might work as a rain hat with the Pul faced out. I'm not positive though because technically the non print side of the Pul is the waterproof side.

Kate @

Tuesday 24th of April 2012

That is super cute and I want to make one!