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Ruffle Butt Diapers

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Blog Transition #21: Ruffle Butt Diapers (last, but not least!)

I had to make a girly diaper. I made a newborn size one, seeing I had the material cut out for it and because then I wouldn’t be tempted to have Baby G model it. Daddy B would draw the line at putting girly ruffle butt diapers on our little boy! I used this tutorial to make it, although I used a different pattern and the sizes were adjusted for my diaper.

The ruffle unsnaps so you can just take it off if you want the baby to not wear it (probably easier for them to sit without it, and also I imagine easier to fit some pants on them)!
The diaper pattern itself is the newborn pattern from my friend over at The Fairy Fluffmother.
I love it. That’s all.

Sharing is caring!