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Pool Party Ideas: Decorate with Favors, Labels & More with Cricut!

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Make your summer pool party the best with these pool party ideas that include decorations, favors, cupcake toppers, and more.

Looking for pool party ideas? My soon-to-be 6 year old requested a pool party this year which was PERFECT because his birthday is in August and we had an inground pool put in last year. We like to get LOTS of use out of it and it’s “free” entertainment! I partnered with Cricut and used my Cricut Maker to make LOTS of decorations for the party! Here are some fantastic and fun birthday pool party ideas!

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Just as a side note, August birthdays are tough. The kids haven’t started school yet and they don’t know who will be in their class. We sent out these invitations at the end of the school year because it’s a necessity with a summer birthday. I didn’t have the energy to DIY the invitations at the time and these were easy.

Squirt Gun Favors

Supplies: Cricut Maker 3 | Smart Sticker Cardstock in White, Pastels, and Bright Bow
Blog Post:

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I saw a really cute idea for squirt gun favors on DesignSpace, but ended up buying these foam squirt “guns” instead. I wanted something that would hopefully last and the cheap squirt guns don’t.

Pool Party Idea: Foam squirt toys with labels with each party attendee's name on it.

Drink Labels

Supplies: Cricut Maker 3 | Smart Sticker Cardstock in White, Pastels, and Bright Bow | Cups with Lids

I love doing drink labels for the kids because otherwise everyone is drinking out of everyone else’s drink. Ew. I was going to do normal disposable cups but I decided to order these disposable cups with lids. This will keep bees and flies out of the drinks, particularly as we will be outside. It will also reduce the chances that the kids will spill their beverages. I adjusted my design to fit THESE CUPS in 16oz size… so please adjust the design for your cups if needed.

Water & Lemonade Labels

Supplies: Cricut Maker 3 | Smart Sticker Cardstock in White, Pastels, and Bright Bow | Bamboo Skewers | Cricut Pens

DIY Cupcake Toppers

Supplies: Cricut Maker 3 | Smart Sticker Cardstock in White & Pastels | Blue Cardstock | Bamboo Skewers
Blog Post:

I used Cricut SmartSticker Cardstock to make these DIY cupcake toppers too. I wrote a post on this project seeing as I don’t have another similar project to link.

Pool Party Idea: Cricut Made Cupcake Toppers in the shape of pool floats, photograph in vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting with a pool in background.

The cupcake toppers are layered Smart Sticker Cardstock in white and light blue with a circle of dark blue cardstock sandwiched between. The Smart Sticker Cardstock allows you to skip using glue to hold the toppers on the skewers.

Burlap Birthday Banner

Supplies: Cricut Maker 3 | 34Pcs Burlap Banner Adjustable Flags DIY Banners | Smart Iron On Vinyl | Cricut Roll Holder | Cricut Heat Press or EasyPress  
Blog Post:

I’ve done quite a few birthday banners, including this fabric birthday banner and the snake party birthday banner with Smart Sticker Cardstock. I really like how easy the cardstock makes it and at least it’s compostable if it doesn’t get used again.

Also- never have I ever gotten a good picture of a banner. It’s so hard to photograph the whole thing.

Pool Party Burlap Banner that says "Pool Party, Happy Birthday!"

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Image has a background with gradients of blue. The text says "Pool Party Ideas" and there are three pool party ideas in separate collage photos: one of some foam squirt toys with labels with each child's name (favors), one with cupcake toppers that look like pool floats, and one with a drink label for a clear cup with a top with a child's name on it.

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