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Custom Dog Treat Jar: Create Paw-some Storage with Vinyl

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Discover how to personalize a dog treat jar using vinyl. This step-by-step tutorial helps you create a custom storage solution for treats.

I have a small animal-assisted therapy practice, and having treats on hand for each animal is KEY. Everyone loves giving the animals a treat and sometimes we do training activities as part of therapy. I decided to buy some airtight food storage containers to keep my treats because I like to use soft treats and dislike when they harden after exposure to air.

I made these treat jars for my dogs, but also for my horses, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, and chickens too.

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Airtight food storage jars to use for dog treat storage. These are before I added Cricut vinyl to decorate them.

DIY Custom Dog Treat Jars with Vinyl



Step 1: I started by cutting an animal design on my Cricut for each animal and cutting it out of Smart Vinyl.

I choose permanent vinyl vs. removable because these will be in the barn and exposed to heat. I feel the heat is prone to making adhesives lose their grip and I didn’t want the labels to fall off.

Once you’ve cut out your design with the Cricut, weed the excess vinyl away, put some transfer tape on top and remove the backing on the vinyl. The transfer tape allows you to move the design to the storage container front.

Applying permanent vinyl to an airtight storage container for chicken treats.

Center your design, press carefully into the plastic sides, and then peel the transfer tape away. You can reuse the transfer tape for your other designs and containers if you are doing multiple types of treats or treats for multiple animals like I am.

Step 2: Repeat with your other bins.

Treat jars that are customized for guinea pigs, dogs, and horses. I still had a few more to make at this point.

Step 3: Because I couldn’t stop there, I decided to make a sign for my row of treat bins. I painted a piece of scrap wood black with acrylic paint.

Painting a piece of scrap wood with black acrylic paint and there's a cut and weeded vinyl piece on the table above it for transferring to the wood after it dries.

Step 4: Once the paint was dry, I used transfer tape to move my design onto the wood and peel away the transfer tape once done.

Flowers in the background and there's a small sign in front that's black with gold vinyl that says "Treats after meets, Happy Honeysuckle."

And that was it! I hung up the sign and put the treat bins in wire baskets on the wall in the barn. This worked really well for me until my naughty horse escaped into the barn when I wasn’t home, tore my aisle apart, and broke open all of the bins like the clever Houdini that he is.

Now the remaining bins are in safer areas that he can’t get. But didn’t they look so cute there?! Ugh.

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Custom Treat Jars for your dogs and more! This photo has my treats after meets sign hung up and custom plastic treat containers sitting in wire shelving on the wall of my barn aisle.

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