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Paw Patrol Inspired Painting

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Painting a Paw Patrol Inspired Painting with the Look Out Tower

How to make a hand painted Paw Patrol themed painting.

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I wanted to make some art for my 3 year old’s bedroom. We’ve got some Paw Patrol decals in there, as well as a comforter, but the walls are pretty blank.

I’ve done a couple painting classes so I figured I could attempt a Paw Patrol painting. It came out okay! It’s really not too bad if you think about what order to paint everything in- although of course there’s some talent involved. I’m not the best painter/artist ever.

My son request the “Look Out Tower” for his painting so that’s what I did.


  • Plaid 50558 10-Piece Learn to Paint Nylon and Natural Bristle Set, White: I like how many brushes came with this set. They’re not probably perfect, but they work great for a beginner.  
  • Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint: I used Kelly Green, Real Yellow, White, Black, Real Blue, and Tuscan Red. But I did a lot of mixing, ie. white with blue to make a lighter blue color, etc.
  • 16×20″ Canvas 
  • Paper plate (or you can use empty foam egg cartons to pour paint into as well. You put a little of each paint color in dots on the plate, then pour yourself more as needed. This keeps you from wasting paint.
  • Cup of water.
  • Something to protect your table. I made a fitted table cover.
  • Time. This took a couple hours. If you paint strategically, things dry pretty well so you can keep clipping along. But I still needed to let it dry a bit for some parts of the painting (mostly the lookout tower). 

How to Paint the Look Out Tower

1. Paint green for the grass. Don’t go as high up as I did so you’ll have more room for the tower.

2. Paint the sky light blue. Then I took a darker blue and added streaks through, as well as some white and black streaks.

Step by step: Drawing the Lookout Tower from Paw Patrol. Begin by adding your grass and sky.

3. Took my black to paint the road. Then lined with white paint.

4. Painted brown trunks on the trees, then took a darker green to paint the tops of the trees.

5. Began the bottom of my lookout tower. 

Step by step: Drawing the Lookout Tower from Paw Patrol. Adding the driveway, grass, and trees.

6. Continued to build up on my tower, including filling in the window areas.

7. Added the looking glass thingy towards the end, then finally painted the Paw Patrol symbol on the tower.

I also added some stars and got fancy with the moon. 

Step by step: Drawing the Lookout Tower from Paw Patrol. Final steps: adding the details on the towel and stars/moons.

While I painted, my son (3) painted a picture for his room too.

My son's painting.

Also putting together a Paw Patrol bedroom? These are two of the items we bought for my son’s room.

Got a chance to try out my fitted table cover at the same time.  It did the trick!

Fitted table cover to help protect the table while we paint.

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