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Upcycled Shower Curtain to Fitted Table Cover

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Upcycling a shower curtain to use as a fitted table cover to protect your table from children.My friend was tossing an old shower curtain so I stole it from her and have had it since July with this project in mind. I wanted to make a cover for our table to reuse whenever the kids are doing crafts. They can’t seem to color within the boundaries of a piece of paper so I didn’t want crayon and marker all over my table.

The shower curtain was a good match because it also would help keep wet from paint or water or spilled sippy cups etc from reaching my table top.

This was a fairly simple project. I used the old shower curtain- I’d recommend using a good quality thick one. This one wasn’t very thick and I’m concerned about it lasting long term, but I didn’t want to use a super expensive one for my first attempt at sewing one either. 

Step 1: Lay it over your table and center it.

Step 2: Trim off the extra if there is any/a lot. I just tried to make the excess even all the way around… you do need SOME extra to make this. Just a note- don’t trim off the slots where you put your curtain rings through. Those are great for using to feed the ribbon/elastic through at the end so it’s perfect if they line up as part of the casing.

Step 3: At each corner, cut a straight line from bottom corner of the curtain to the edge of your table.

Step 4: Fold your edges over each other for each corner and pin. I used Clover Wonder Clips, Red, 50-Pack.

Step 5: Sew the corners where you pinned them. 
Step 6: Turn over the edge all the way around the shower curtain and sew a casing for the elastic/ribbon. You want it wide enough for the ribbon you plan to use. 
Step 7: Use a ribbon or elastic and feed it through your whole casing all the way around the cover. This takes forever with a safety pin… I recommend using a Bodkin (I also attach a safety pin when I use a bodkin in case the bodkin unclips) because I think for this project it’d be a LOT faster. I couldn’t find mine in my messy sewing room. Once it’s all the way through, put it on your table, tighted the ribbon, and tie. If you use elastic, you’ll need to sew down each end so it’s tight enough to fit onto your table. Ribbon made more sense to me because I had a lot of extra. 
See how awesome the holes for the curtain rings are for using as a hole
for the ribbon to be fed through the casing?! Genius and I didn’t even mean to be. 

This project is so simple and silly, but it really works for me! I may make a nicer quality one for our other table as well for dinner time… or perhaps just make some regular table clothes fitted. I like that it can’t be pulled off the table easily.

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Sharing is caring!