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Patriotic Diaper Sewing

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I’m excited to finally make a diaper for a holiday on time! For my patriotic diaper, I did a stars Pul fabric on the top, with red and white Pul stripes. Each stripe was added on, like a stripey diaper. I chose to do 2″ stripes. I also did another semi patriotic diaper, but I’ll show that more in my next blog on how to sew a large diaper stash.

Final Product

Sharing is caring!


Saturday 18th of May 2013

Thanks! I'm actually going to be using it on Baby #2 when he/she is born, but there are a lot of great stay at home moms who sew cloth diapers and they usually put their diapers up on for sale. The patriotic diapers start being posted around now. My diaper is by no means particularly unique.


Friday 17th of May 2013

Are you still using this diaper? I would love to buy it from you!!

Jessie Dougherty

Saturday 2nd of March 2013

Love this!!! :)