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Creative DIY Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas

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Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas. 

4 Photos: 
Top left--- Rolling cart for balls and sports equipment
Top right--- turquoise trim and stained wood storage bench
Bottom left--- Garage for ride on toys 
Bottom right--- Open stained wood storage chest

The outdoor toy situation can get out of control quickly. These DIY outdoor toy storage ideas are a great way to keep everything in one place, and maybe help inspire the kids to put things away too!

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Between the bikes for the three kids (and a few extras in different sizes seeing the youngest will grow into them) and way too many outdoor toys, we struggle to make sure everything has a place to go. Finding an effective way to store all of those toys is important. We don’t want them to get run over by our automatic lawn mower or blown away by the wind.

We also don’t want to store those toys inside the house or in our garage because the kids tend to leave those items in the way, creating a MAJOR tripping hazard.

Last year we built a kid’s garage for their bikes and toys, but here are some other GREAT ideas for storing toys outside so they don’t get ruined!

DIY Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas

Outdoor toys can get a little out of control. These clever DIY toy storage ideas will inspire you to get all those toys organized. It's also a great way to encourage the kids to put their toys away at the end of the day.

What do you think? Here are more toy storage ideas!

And these? There are some of our favorite outdoor toys! My kids went into beast mode ‘helping’ with this video, can you hear how stressed my voice is? Until Corona is gone, I’ll probably have a lot of background noise in any videos…

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DIY outdoor toy storage ideas with three images of different toy storage ideas.
10 Amazing Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas to DIY

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