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Our Calm Down Corner

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how to make a quiet space for your toddler

I’ve been working on a calm down corner as an alternative to time out, seeing I want a more versatile option than just punishing him.

I have been using time out as a punishment in hopes the quiet time will help him calm down when he’s really hyper and it seems like he’s not responding super well to it because it’s disciplinary. In other words, he kicks and screams. I think the whole point might be lost in the process when most of the time is spent struggling to keep him in time out.

I really need G to be happy about taking these calm down times because he needs to learn to self soothe so I am hoping this corner would allow him to go into it when HE needs to calm himself down… or when I need him to calm down and prompt him. I think we’ve figured out that too much visual stimulation can rev him up so the tent should allow us to narrow down how much visual he’s getting.

My in-laws got him this B. TeePee Tent – SEA Color (Blue) for Christmas so it’s perfect. They have a raspberry one too, but I think the blue/purple is likely to be more calming. There’s this cool lamp inside the tent that plays colors on the top of the tent if you turn it on… they seem mesmerizing/calming so we’re going to keep that in there.

I’m hoping this corner will help remind me too that he’s not being bad, but rather just is having a hard time calming down and that he needs assistance at this time, at least until he learns to do it on his own. I may have to go sit in there sometimes too! Ha.

I’m also working on some calm down bottles to put in there. I’ll post those when I’m done.

Here’s the tent setup on our main level where he has the most breakdowns. I put his toddler floor pillow inside and four books I thought would be good. I figured I can read to him or let him read during those times. Certain books get him really hyped up so I tried to pick out good ones that don’t, and that also pertain to feelings or hyper behavior.

how to give your toddler space to calm down

These are the books I’ve added so far:

Any recommendations for books I should add?

Sharing is caring!

Jessie Newburn

Wednesday 12th of February 2014

What a grand idea. So simple, yet so smart. I wish my parents had things like this when I was a kid.