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How to Install a Pull Out Shelf in a Bathroom WITHOUT Shims

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How to install a pull out shelf in a bathroom without shims. This method uses scrap plywood and you won’t need to screw into your cabinets.

I HATE buying a product that looks easy to install in hopes that I won’t have to custom build something… just to find out that I need to make some adjustments. In this case, I purchased a pull out shelf for our bathroom cabinet. I LOVE the shelf. There’s nothing wrong with it! But the cabinets, like most cabinets, have a significant “lip” that would block the shelf from pulling out if installed without adjustments. Fortunately, this was easy to fix and I didn’t use shims either.

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How to Install a Pull Out Shelf in a Cabinet


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  • Scrap plywood

First of all, in a technical sense, I am “shimming” the shelf so it is higher than the cabinet front. However, shims are generally thin strips of wood and I feel like using scrap plywood is a more attractive option. The other reason I like the plywood option is that I don’t need to screw anything into the cabinet. The plywood piece is heavy enough to keep the shelf from shifting.

But if you don’t have scraps of plywood, shims are likely cheaper. In this situation, you can just replace the plywood with the shims to install it.

Step 1: Assemble your pull out shelf if needed.

Step 2: Cut plywood and place it into the bottom of your cabinet.

Cut your scrap plywood to fit under your pull out shelf. Ideally it will fit snuggly inside the cabinet so it’s less likely to move. I’m using 3/4″ plywood which is perfect for this shelf and my cabinet.

Dry fit everything to make sure the shelf and plywood are the right size.

Step 3: Screw your pull out shelf into the plywood.

Ideally you want to remove the drawers from the track so they aren’t in the way.

Step 4: Place the drawers back on.

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How to install a pull out shelf in a bathroom cabinet without using shims or screwing into the cabinet.

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