How to Make Clear, Spray-On Deodorant

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Easy DIY Deodorant

How to make a simple, spray on deodorant using magnesium oil.

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I’ve had a lot of medical symptoms and just wasn’t sure what was wrong- I’ve slowly been plugging away at natural ways to diagnose and fix the problems because the doctors don’t seem to have a clue.

Symptom 1: Nauseous.
Symptom 2: Hot all of the time. Even playing outside in the snow. I wore tank tops most of the winter this past year.
Symptom 3: I stopped sweating.

After some research, I realized that sweat is a very functional part of our makeup. It helps us detox and cools our bodies down. By using antiperspirant as consistently as I was, I was potentially causing some of my symptoms. Because guess what? Over heating causes nausea. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to stop using antiperspirant. Which was great. During the winter. I stopped having issues with being hot all of the time, I started sweating again, and I wasn’t having as many issues with nausea. Yay!

The only problem is that it hit summer and I had to start using antiperspirant again. Because gosh I smell when I sweat. I decided to switch to a deodorant but didn’t know what kind to buy and GOSH the organic stuff is expensive. I did some research and discovered that magnesium oil makes a great deodorant. So I gave it a try and IT WORKS! I still sweat, but I don’t smell. It is also super easy to use in the spray on bottle. The baking soda stuff is a pain because it’s a white mess.

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Cost: You may spend about $7 (per bottle) for this project. I already had the essential oils. But I can reuse the bottles so the future cost will run around $2.50/bottle. If you want to save more money, upcycle an old spray bottle for this recipe. 


Not much to this. Pour your magnesium oil into your bottle. Add your essential oils. Mix.

Spray on and rub in to use. Super easy. 

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Fast and Easy DIY Deodorant

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Clear, Spray-On Deodorant”

  1. Danielle, are your 'supplies' for the WHOLE project, or are 12 drops of essential oils for EACH spray bottle? Does it need to be shaken every time you use, if oil and water don't mix? (magnesium 'oil' is actually magnesium chloride and water)
    Also, are the oils sticky at all? Not looking forward to that under arms in hot weather. Not clear on these. Don't want to buy the supplies before I discover an issue.

    • Thanks for your comment Ellen! I only made one bottle of this… all of the ingredients are for one 4oz bottle. I did update my recipe with 1/2 as much tea tree oil because I think it would be better with slightly less of that.

      I don't shake it every use. But honestly, I think the magnesium oil by itself would do the trick so I probably wouldn't know if it wasn't mixing perfectly. 😉

      It's not super sticky… it's definitely a different oil texture than coconut oil. I wash my hands after rubbing it in because I don't like the texture on my hands, but it doesn't bother me wearing it.

      If you're worried, just pick up the magnesium oil and try it by itself. I added EO because I had them but I don't think they're strictly necessary. I also used the spray bottles because they were just sitting around. I usually upcycle old thoroughly cleaned out spray bottles for projects.

  2. Hi Danielle,
    I stopped using commercial deodorants and antiperspirants years ago after I started getting terrible rashes and even a cyst in my armpits. I tried several natural deodorants and some were still irritating. I finally found success with simple crystal salts and purified water as a deodorant and it works well. I am going to make your recipe at home and see how my body responds. Thanks for sharing this DIY deodorant. I'm pinning and sharing.

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