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How to Install Drawer Pulls

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How to install drawer pulls (handles) on new cabinet drawers in 15 minutes or less, using a few simple tools!

15 minutes. That’s how long this project took. It only took me a year of procrastinating before I did this 15 minutes job. But after organizing my woodworking shed, I was able to find all of the very simple tools necessary to install these drawer pulls. And my she shed looks SO much better and the drawers are so much easier to access with the pulls installed!

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How to Install Drawer Pulls



Step 1: Use your template to choose a position for your drawer pulls. Mark the position for each screw hole (two in this case) with a pencil. Hold your pull up to the markings to ENSURE that this is correct and where you want the pull. Some of this is a cosmetic thing… I choose different pull placement for my two bottom drawers than my top drawers.

Using a template to make markings on a drawer front for drawer pulls.

Step 2: Repeat with your other drawers.

Step 3: Use a drill bit per the drawer pull manufacturers sizing (ours was 3/16″ drill bit), and drill a hole in each spot you marked.

Step 4: Put your screws through the hole in the inside of the drawer.

Step 5: Place your drawer pull on the opposite side and screw in the screws to the drawer pull.

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How to install drawer pulls in new cabinet drawers.

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