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How to Clean a Cricut Mat

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How to clean a Cricut mat with supplies you have at home! This refresh of your mats will extend their life and help make them sticky again.

While I don’t use my Cricut mats THAT much, they wear down fast in my household. Between my hair and the dog hair, they tend to lose their stickiness pretty quick. My fabric mat is the worst of the mats, simply because the type of fabrics I usually cut tend to leave behind a lot of fuzz. Whoops.

And while I KNOW how to clean the mats and that it’ll help, I’m usually in such a rush to get things done that I postpone the chore. Today I finally decided to tackle cleaning my mat again because it had lost almost all of its “stick” thanks to all the fuzz. This is super easy and the mats dry fast. I ended up washing four mats today, although I have a few more I should work on later.

Here’s how to wash your Cricut mat.

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You don’t need a lot of supplies for this- no magic stick spray, no special brushes or cleaners. I just used some dishwashing soap and a clean, lint free cloth. I also used luke warm/cool water. While hot water may be fine, I was worried that the heat would release the adhesive on the mats and wash that off too.

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How to Clean Your Cricut Mats

  1. Collect all of your dirty Cricut mats.

2. Use cold or warm water (not hot) and wash with dish soap.

Left Photo: Dirty Cricut Mats piled in a laundry sink.

Right Photo: Me, using a wet wash cloth to clean the mats off. The water is warm and the mats are soaking in a small amount of water.

3. Shake off dripping water.

4. Hang to dry. I’m using my DIY dish cloth drying rack which worked really well.

Left Photo: Rinsing the soapy mats.

Right Photo: Hang drying the mats above the sink.

The fabric mats take a little bit more to clean off if you cut a fuzzy fabric on the mat.

Left photo: The fabric mats get very fuzzy and it's hard to clear them. I had to work a bit harder at cleaning these off.

Right Photo: Clean, dry Cricut mat that has been washed, now able to 'stick' better.

As you can see in that last picture, the mat was back to being almost as good as new!

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