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Heavy Duty Gate Wheel Installation

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Installation process for a heavy duty gate wheel. Adding a gate wheel is an easy way to support a large gate for your field.

We went for months without gate wheels on any of our farm gates, but when I bought a 16′ gate, I knew I needed to add one. I ended up adding wheels to ALL of our gates. This was super easy and a great way to lessen the pressure on the hinges and fence post.

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Installing a Heavy Duty Gate Wheel

Why Use a Gate Wheel?

  • Lessen pressure on hinges
  • Easier to open and close
  • Lessen pressure/weight on the fence post


  • Patriot Gate Wheel: We purchased ours through our local farm store, but you can find similar products such as this gate wheel on Amazon.

Installing Process

This is pretty simple, but here’s the quick run through.

Step 1: Slip wheel attachment onto the gate. Add shims inside if needed.

Step 2: Attach screw through the metal brackets. Use socket to tighten.

Step 3: Adjust your gate if needed.

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Adding a gate wheel: an easy fix that makes opening the gate easier and puts less pressure on your hinges and post. Learn more on Photo of gate with a gate wheel attached.

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