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Garden Trellis

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I decided to make some trellises for the cucumbers and cantaloupe  I used this tutorial from Apartment Therapy.

I just screwed wood together at an angle (one screw only on each side). As I had leftover wire fencing from my garden, I decided to use that for the middle part. Daddy B put that over the wood, molding the wire around the edges. Then I used my staple gun to staple it to the wood. 

Altogether it was really easy, even if it DID take me forever to actually get around to it.

My super big helper.
I dug a hole to bury the legs of the trellis a bit. It’s not super sturdy-
I could’ve dug deeper- but I figure it’ll do the trick for now.
My lettuce was looking pretty scrunched up in there… haha. I’m going to cut it soon. Really.
I used the little curly’s on the vines to help direct the plants onto the trellis. Hope that works out well.
One trellis setup.
Both setup… 

Sharing is caring!