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Freezer Meals: Homemade Frozen Pizzas

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How to make and freeze homemade pizza for freezer meals for after your baby is born.

I’ve been putting together frozen meals for after the baby comes so I decided to try frozen pizzas because they’re fun and cheap to make. Plus we love pizza! I forgot how much flour dough takes to make so I was only able to make two pizzas, but it is a good start. Honestly, we probably only need two anyways. I used my own dough recipe and some canned sauce I bought.

Here’s some photos from my process:
Making dough. 

I greased the pans. Cooked dough at 450 degrees F for 5 minutes, then I carefully took the dough out of the pans. I didn’t want to freeze the dough in the pans because I don’t have a lot of extra pans so I layered some tin foil, then some plastic wrap. I didn’t want the tin foil touching my pizza because apparently tomato sauces can hold the flavor of the tin foil if you’re not careful. 

Once everything was laid out, I added pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese.

Then I wrapped the top with plastic wrap, then tin foil. I wrote cooking instructions on the tin foil and the date that I prepared these. I put them both in the freezer and once they’re frozen I’ll be able to stack them more easily.

how to make your own frozen pizzas
I think I may also try to make some pizza “kits” like the post on Skinny Mom’s Kitchen describes. 

From frozen, they took about 30 min at 350F to cook.

We’ve got two freezers now, simply because we have so many people to feed and we buy in bulk. We decided to convert the older deep freezer into a refrigerator so we’d have more space for fridge food.

Sharing is caring!