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Converting Deep Freezer to a Refrigerator

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How to convert a deep freezer to refrigerator easily

We have a big deep freezer now as part of the food service package we signed up for (sigh, I’ll post about that stupidity later) so we don’t need our smaller deep freezer as much anymore. We decided to look into converting it into a refrigerator for extra storage and found this great blog post about how to do it.

We didn’t want to do anything complicated or break the freezer so we purchased this item which made it really simple:

Now my husband has been using the deep freezer to keep all his beer cool and he’s got all sorts of room in there. I can’t wait until Baby K is born because I’ll definitely be using it to refrigerate wine. We buy at Costco a lot too so I plan to buy the milk and orange juice in bulk more seeing the expiration dates usually are pretty far out on their products. We always go through milk and orange juice so quickly which involves a lot of Costco runs.

Here’s his beer… the wire you see is fed into the freezer to work as a thermostat so the temperature is adjusted correctly. He says he likes it, but the manual was a little more complicated than it needed to be. The blog post I referenced above mentions how the deep freezer being used as a refrigerator might be more energy efficient which makes sense and I like. I think it will be great for holding bottles of wine too, where they tend to take up a lot of room in our normal refrigerator and it’s often difficult to find a spot for them that’s tall enough.

The best part is that our deep freezer is in our basement near the ping pong table. It’s the unfinished part of the basement that’s separated from the play room, but we can keep our kids out of the room (and the fridge) using child proofing. If I end up with a difficult recovery following Baby K’s birth, I can always stay in the finished part of the basement which has a full bath, a twin bed, and items setup for the baby… and I’ll have access to this small fridge if needed too. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but it’s nice to know it’s an option. And it’s also nice for adult time where we have the “beer fridge” conveniently located near the ping pong setup. Well… for Daddy B anyways. 

how to convert a deep freezer into a refrigerator

If you have young kids, you’ll LOVE this tip: You can add an alarm to your fridge or freezer for $5!

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