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Family Police Costume Set

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Family police themed costume set.

This family costume set is perfect for the family who loves to dress up like law enforcement!

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My son is obsessed with being a police officer someday so we got together a fun family costume that was police themed.

Police Dog

We couldn’t leave the pup out. Our rescue pup, Rocky, went as a police dog. He’s a K9 Cop!

He would have been an awesome police dog actually. He’s super smart.

police dog uniform

The Cop

My son likes to be one with the power… I whipped up a police officer costume for him using stuff from around the house- no store bought costume here.

police costume diy

Criminal Mind

Most of the fun of being a police officer is putting people “under arrest”… at least that’s my son’s theory. So daddy went dressed up as the criminal mastermind. This was just a store bought costume from Amazon “jailbird”.

family police costumes

Here’s more Law Enforcement themed costumes if you’re interested!

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Family costume idea: Cops & Robbers (plus a K9 cop!)

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