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Fabric Storage Bins

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I bought my friend’s cherry changing table from her which was pretty exciting because I’ve been using the top of the bureau with the changing pad attached. It works, but I would’ve LOVED to have had a changing table from the beginning as I like to have a place to do diaper changes. Maybe because I used cloth diapers it makes it easier as I need to have a wet bag readily available and cloth wipes, or maybe it’s just some weird quirk of mine. I know some people do all their changes on the floor, bed, and any other convenient place. I really prefer to have a spot, even though G pretty much tries to somersault off the changing pad at this point.

Regardless, I like these changing tables because the edge gives the table a little lip to keep the baby from rolling off. No guarantee, but I like it better than my current setup. Of course, I got this from my friend and promptly decided to use it in the basement instead. Eh. Go me. I’m pretty excited though because it DOES serve its intended function- it gives me another location to store my ridiculous collection of cloth diapers, therefore giving me more room in the dresser/changing table upstairs for clothes for K when he comes along later this year. I’m going to move half of the diapers downstairs to the basement/play room so I’ll have a convenient place to change the boys downstairs. Just for a little background, I have a 21 month old and our second son, K, is on the way at the end of the year. My first was a c-section and I’m hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) with K. Despite all of my efforts to work towards a VBAC though, I’m trying to ensure that I have a convenient setup for my recovery, whether it be from a VBAC or c-section. My husband will be able to take lots of time off work to help out, but he’s also in school part-time so he needs to go to class. During those times, I want to have an easy, entertaining place to have both of the boys so I won’t have to be trekking up and down steps (a no-no if you have a c-section), hauling two kiddos and any necessary supplies. Our play room is amazing and I set up a little corner with the changing table and the baby’s swing. We also keep a twin bed down here for guests and we have a full bathroom down there. If I had to have another c-section, I’d probably opt to stay in the basement with the baby and just move the baby’s crib down there, seeing the bed is closer to the floor and I wouldn’t have to go up and down as many stairs (provided Daddy B could bring me down food). That way I’d always be in the more entertaining area of the house so if I needed to watch G and K while Daddy B does homework or attends class, it’s an easier endeavor.

That was a bit long huh? Anyhow that’s why the changing table is in the basement (gosh why am I so long winded?!). I wanted to get some boxes to hold all of the cloth diapers so I decided to make my own. Buying them is ridiculously expensive and I always find it difficult to find the right size/color/type while juggling the wiggly 21 month old on a hip.

I used this tutorial to make the boxes and then this tutorial for the lining. There was another tutorial on this site as well. 

Picked out some boxes that fit nice side by side. Ideally I would’ve
gotten three of the same size boxes, but I was having trouble getting
them without buying lots of disposable diapers so I opted for
three different sizes. I like how they look now!

Here’s some pictures from my process:

Here are my final products once I made the liners. I absolutely love them.

Sharing is caring!