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Fabric Business Card Holder

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DIY Fabric Business Card Case

I finally ordered blog business cards from They are gorgeous too. I’m not a huge fan of my design, just because I’m not a graphic designer and I want something prettier than I have the ability to make. But these cards came out beautifully because they’re thick and durable. Love them.
Anyhow I was going to a blogger event near me and wanted to whip something up quick to put them in so I cut out fabric for two pockets, an inside, and an outside fabric. I used my business card to figure out what size I wanted everything to be. My holder is bigger than necessary. I used the same fabric as my fabric coupon clutch because it’s nice to have matching stuff.

My final product was 4.5″x8″ when finished which is obviously bigger than necessary. I like the shape though. I’m going to leave the size up to you. You just need to figure out how big you want your case, then add a seam allowance to that.

You cut your inside and outside fabrics to be the same size, and you also should cut out a piece of fusible interfacing for the middle. I usually go a little smaller on the interfacing to make it easier to turn. You also need to cut out fabric for the pockets.


I ironed the interfacing onto the big outer piece of my fabric.

I folded the pieces for my pockets in half and sewed across the top to finish them nicely so there won’t be any raw edges.

Once you’ve completed that, you will place the inside fabric face up, then line up your pockets on each end, how you’d like them to appear on the inside.

On top of that you want to place your outside fabric face down. Pin. Then you can sew around the whole thing, leaving an opening through which you can turn the whole thing right sides out.

Here I’ve turned it right sides out. After this, I ironed it. Then I stitched around it and closed the opening. I also stitched across the halfway point.

Picture of outside, open

Sharing is caring!