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Review of the Eglu Go Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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The Eglu Go outdoor rabbit hutch is a mobile rabbit enclosure made by Omlet. Your rabbit can eat fresh grass AND fertilize your lawn.

We’re always on the prowl for new and improved outdoor structures for my animals. I prefer they have as natural an environment as possible, without sacrificing safety. I also like enclosures that are easy to clean and move. This allows the animals to stay on fresh grass, fertilizing the soil, and getting natural forage.

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Eglu Go Outdoor Rabbit Hutch: Video Review

Eglu Go Outdoor Rabbit Hutch + Run Review


The hutch, run, wheels, and handles are all sold separately, therefore they’ll come in separate boxes. I found assembly to be extremely time consuming and the run itself was a bit of a struggle to figure out. That said, now that it’s finished, I don’t need to assemble it again. The way the cage is put together allows for easy cleaning.

Eglu Go 6' Rabbit Run, before assembling. Metal panels laid out on the ground.
Eglu Go 6′ Rabbit Run, before assembling.

Moving the Hutch

I was pleased to see that my son, 10 years old, can easily move this hutch around using the wheels and handles. The wheels are in a locked position when the hutch and run are in their spot; when you need to move the hutch, you can push the bar on each wheel up, allowing you to pull the entire structure using the handles. I HIGHLY recommend either locking the rabbit in the hutch or removing the rabbit before moving the structure; they could get their paws hurt during the process if you don’t keep them out of the run while you move it.

Cleaning the Eglu Go Hutch

When cleaning your hutch, close your rabbit in the run. The hutch is very simple to clean as there’s a pull out tray that you can remove and dump. You can dump your dirty bedding and rabbit poo in a garden bed or compost bin, add fresh water, bedding, and hay, then let your bunny back into the hutch.

It’s so quick and the tray is lightweight and easy for kids to move. I use $6 bags of shavings from the local farm store, but I’ve heard good things about the absorbency of hemp bedding.

Opening the back of the Eglu Hutch to remove the bedding tray.
Opening the back of the Eglu Hutch to remove the bedding tray.

Must Have Accessories

  • Eglu Go Hutch, 6′ Run, Handles, and Wheels: You need to add the run, handles, and wheels onto the hutch purchase, but I highly recommend getting all four. A mobile hutch isn’t much good if you can’t move it easily.
  • Larger/taller rabbit run: If you want a taller and larger structure to use as a rabbit run, consider this. It can be attached to your Eglu.
  • Tunnel system: This is fun for the rabbits and your kids. They’ll be able to watch their bunny hop through the tunnels to get around.
  • Automatic door: These automatic doors close and open the door to the hutch for you. They’re not currently marketed for the rabbit Omlet products, but they look like they’d work for the large runs. It might be an option you could make work if you have the bigger run, but check with the company before making that purchase.


While I HATED assembling this as it took FOREVER, I think the effort will be worth it. It seems like it will greatly shorten how much time we spend cleaning May’s cage, and she’ll get to live in a more natural environment. She loves to sit in the sun on nice days and smell the fresh air. Me too May!

Other Rabbit Hutch Options

Prefer to DIY a hutch? Here are some fun DIY Rabbit Hutches that you can make!

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