Benefits of the Eglu Go Hutch + 6' Run

The Eglu Go is easy to clean!

We purchased this product to review and use for our rabbit, May. I am an affiliate for Omlet, however, so if you make a purchase using my affiliate link, I may receive a commission from the sale. Thank you.

The bottom slides out for easy bedding changes.

Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch Accessories

Attached Run

Run Handles


Rabbit Tunnel System

Larger Runs + Platforms

6', 9', 13' Lengths

This rabbit cage is easy to move.

It's easy to move the rabbit hutch every  day, giving the rabbit fresh grass to eat  and a clean space.*

*Just make sure the rabbit is safe and the door is closed!

Open the hutch door to give your rabbit food and water.

Combined with a run, this setup is much larger than traditional rabbit cages.

Eglu Go Hutch vs. Traditional Rabbit Cage

Assembly is Time Consuming, but Worth It!

If you buy the cage with multiple accessory pieces, plan out a few hours to assemble it. It's not hard, but there's a lot of pieces to put together.  Benefits to this cage: There's no wood to chew.  ‣ The plastic can be hosed down if dirty There's metal wire under the run to prevent rabbits from digging out or predators from getting in. ‣ Rabbits can forage for grass. 

The Cage is Kid-Friendly

Even young kids can move the cage and help care for their rabbit, although you should always supervise so your rabbit doesn't escape or get hurt.  Drawbacks to this cage: ‣Outdoor rabbits can potentially be exposed to predators and diseases that exist in the soil.  ‣The green may fade with age. ‣Aesthetically, the cage isn't as "pretty" as some wooden hutches.

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New to Rabbits?

If you're considering getting your child a rabbit, please pick up a book at the library on rabbit care and consider joining your local 4H group to learn how to raise rabbits.