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DIY Sunflower Decor with Foam Craft Balls

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How to make DIY sunflower decorations with foam craft balls. This easy project is perfect for making hanging decorations.

I needed some easy decorations for my barn office (converted tackroom) so I decided to use these Styrofoam balls that I got from The Dollar Tree and some leftover sunflowers and faux Fall leaves from other projects. I LOVE how they came out and they hang from the ceiling in my office. They’re a unique way to decorate if you don’t have (or want to use) wall space.

DIY Sunflower Decorations with Foam Balls


Step 1: Start with small foam balls. I got mine at the Dollar Tree. 

Foam ball from Dollar Tree

Step 2: My sunflowers had a short stem and I used those to poke a hole in the foam ball. Then I pulled the flower out, added a dab of hot glue, and reinserted it.

First faux sunflower added to the stryofoam ball.

Step 3: Repeat, working your way around the ball, spacing the flowers as close or as far as you think is aesthetically pleasing. I wanted my flowers open, not puckered up, but without any obvious gaps. If you want to space your flowers apart even further, you could paint your foam balls a matching yellow.

Adding artificial sunflowers to a foam craft ball.

Step 4, Optional: For one of the balls, I added a few Fall leaves to offset the sunflowers. 

Sunflowers and fall leaves in a foam ball from Dollar Tree.

Step 5: Attach your clear monofilament to the top of the ball.

Sunflowers in a foam ball from Dollar Tree.

Step 6: Hang! You’re done. 

I love sunflowers and sunflower crafts. Make sure to check out my sunflower Christmas tree and my sunflower wreath!

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Easy to make sunflower ball decorations.

Sharing is caring!