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Make Your Own Luisa Costume: Encanto

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Did you LOVE Luisa in Encanto as much as I did? I made my own Luisa costume for Halloween to match my horse’s donkey costume. Here’s how.

Luisa was one of my favorite characters in Encanto… between feeling her strong woman vibe, her anxiety, and her need to be strong for everyone else, she really has my heart. I also just loved the unicorn donkeys. So this year, for our annual Halloween Haunted Trail, I decided to dress up as Luisa and ride my horse as the “donkey.” Here’s how I made the costume.

DIY Luisa Costume

While I could have purchased an adult Luisa costume, I decided to buy a normal tee-shirt and skirt to embellish using my Cricut and Iron On Vinyl. This just made more sense to me because I hate how low quality Halloween costumes are. This set should be something I can keep for cosplay or future Halloween events, or I can sell.


  • Red Ribbon: For the hair tie and the bow on the front of the shirt
  • Red HTV: Rather than try to sew ribbon through a tee-shirt, I’m opting to use red HTV to make the stitching around the hem on the shirt.
  • Purple Skirt, Floor Length
  • Cricut Every Day Iron On: Raspberry
  • Cricut Every Day Iron On:
  • Siser Easy Weed HTV: Wicked Purple
  • White Tee-Shirt: I bought a two pack with a black shirt because why not.
  • Sandals: I’m just going to wear riding boots rather than sandals. Authenticity isn’t as important to me as keeping my toes. If you’re not riding, just throw some sandals on.
  • Design for the Skirt and Shirt
  • Cricut Maker 3:
  • Cricut Heat Press or EasyPress:

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Step 1: Hem the skirt if needed.

If you need to hem the skirt, use the excess to make the wrist bands.

Step 2: Add your iron-vinyl to the skirt.

Tutorial on Using Iron-On Vinyl

Step 3: Add iron-on vinyl to the shirt.

Step 4: Add white elastic to the hem of your shirt sleeves.

For true authenticity, I added white elastic to the hem of my shirt sleeves so they were similar to Luisa’s.

Step 5: Sew white lace to the bottom of the shirt.

Step 6: Make the ribbon for the shirt and hand sew it on.

Step 7: Make the hair ribbon and tie hair up with it. Add bobby pins to keep it in place. (I skipped this because I didn’t have time to finish it)

Step 8: Make the wrist bands with the fabric from hemming the skirt… I have a purple watch on one wrist so I just skipped the wrist bands.

DIY Donkey Unicorn Costume

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Easy to make Luisa costume from a teeshirt and skirt, inspired by Encanto.
How to make an easy Encanto costume for Luisa, inspired by Encanto.

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