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DIY Folding Gift Tags

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Folding gift tags with a binder ring through them.

How to make folding gift tags with your Cricut. This easy project includes a link to a free Cricut cut file that you can use.

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Designing this was fairly simple, but I’m going to give you the link to the ones I made so you can use those. You just will need to add names if you plan to use the Cricut to write the names… or write the names in by hand (these would be great to keep blank).

This is a great way to keep a bunch of tags on hand for gifts throughout the year, and you can use lots of fun scrapbook paper to make tags for every season!

DIY Folding Gift Tags with Cricut Maker


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How to Make Your Folding Gift Tags

Start by placing your patterned scrapbook paper face down on the LightGrip Mat. You COULD use the regular mat, but you might have issues removing the paper after, including possible issues with tearing. The LightGrip seems to work better for this type of project.

You want to load your Cricut Pen (color of your choice) and your Scoring wheel “blade” into your machine. The pen goes in the left slot and the scoring wheel on the right. Make sure they’re all the way in and clamp shut to hold the items in place.

Load your mat. Pull up the project in Cricut Design Space and select the materials option for scrapbook paper.

Hit the Cricut button to go, once cued on your Cricut app.

The machine will begin by scoring all of the folding lines, then it will write the “to” and “from” with the pen. The writing is the most time consuming step so you can load another mat or clean your craft room or whatever while you wait.

Writing on scrapbook paper with Cricut Maker

Once it’s done this, Design Space will notify you to swap out the scoring wheel for your regular blade. Do so, then hit the Cricut GO button when you’re ready.

It will finish cutting pretty quickly.

Remove the excess pieces of paper from around your tags. Now you need to flip your mat upside down and peel the mat away from your tags. This helps keep your tags from curling.


Folding gift tags with to and from written on them by Cricut

I put something heavy on top of them to help the fold stay in place.

Folding gift tags then weighing them down so they stay folded.

These are nice because we use reusable gift bags so we can’t just tape on a tag or piece of paper. Make sure to check out the Santa bags and non folding tags that I make with my Cricut too!

Here’s a quick video tutorial…

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DIY folding gift tags to add to your presents this year. Perfect for Christmas, or use other scrapbook paper for birthdays and other holidays!

Web Story: DIY Gift Tags with Cricut

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