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Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt

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I finally made a Christmas tree skirt! I’ve been using this cheap hand-me-down since forever and it’s hideous so I was so excited to put that into the Freecycle pile and make a new skirt with the fabric I’d found at the local fabric yard sale that happens a couple times a year.

I also used this same fabric to make some fabric Christmas gift bags– my FAVORITE thing to have around for easy wrapping!

This was pretty easy to sew.

To make this, I used my old tree skirt as a pattern. I placed the old skirt on my fabric and cut around it, leaving a bit of a seam allowance. Once I did that, I folded the new fabric in half and then in half again. And I evened it all up so that the fabric was a perfect circle (mostly because my cutting wasn’t super awesome, kids were laying on fabric while I was trying to cut).

I cut a very small circle out for the middle. Less is more here. You can always cut more but it’s pretty difficult to add the fabric back on!

Then I cut my bottom fabric out. This is the same size as the top piece, of course.

I faced them right sides together. Then I cut a straight line on one side through it all. Pinned all the way around, including along the straight line.

Sew. Or in my case, I serged all the way around. It doesn’t matter. Note that you need to leave an opening so you can turn and topstitch. It would help to make that opening along the straight edge because I find it’s easier to close up the hole on a straight edge than on a curve. I did not do it this way and I was kicking myself for it after.
After you do that, turn the fabric right sides out. Make sure you push out all the fabric. Iron. Topstitch.

You probably don’t NEED to do this, but I added snaps to close up the skirt. I love this. I’ve seen buttons too which look FABULOUS, but I hate button holes so I did snaps instead. It works.

Here’s another picture of the final product. I love it!

Sharing is caring!